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We offer fully trained attendants to handle the valet requirements of hospitals and medical centers providing an exceptional patient experience. Our primary focus is to satisfy the parking requirements for each patient and visitor and improve the quality of parking while we recognize the policies and procedures deemed by our clients. Our valet attendants will welcome patients and visitors according procedures and will assist with wheelchairs, baggage, etc. If clients prefer to park their own vehicle our valet attendants will direct them to the parking garage or lot.

healthcare parking

restaurant parking

Personalized attention on front of your restaurant is a ingredient important to the prestige of your dining establishment. We understand the value of excellent customer relations and image making for your restaurant, and work to promote your status in every way we can. Restaurants who contract with VPS Parking Management, LLC. benefit from: Added Prestige, Maximized Parking Space, Revenue Maximization, and Efficiency

special events parking

​​Our expertise in the parking industry extends to providing special event parking for the last four decades. Valet Parking for events at home, store or office is the mark of a gracious and hospitable host. Imagine the presence of well-groomed, well dressed valets who greet guest and erase all automobile-related concerns. Our parking attendants receive many complements for their appearance  and contributions to special events. 

HOTEl parking

​Correct and efficient handling of guest cars by parking attendants is a most important ingredient of a pleasant stay at ant hotel. At VPS Parking Management, LLC., we provide outstanding systems and services for our hotel clients.

Hospitality begins the moment a guest arrives at your hotel. Some of the best hotels in the country entrust their parking program to valet parking companies. 

* Parking Structure Layout

* Graphics Design and Signage

* Revenue Control Equipment

* Trained Uniformed Personnel

* Computerized Financial Reporting

Commercial parking

​Commercial parking in the parking industry is normally referred to Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Banks, and all other self parking locations. VPS Parking Management, LLC provides expert design and consultation for all types of commercial parking venues. As part of our management services for commercial locations, we provide the following: